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Artevelde University College hosting the EAN Annual Conference 2019

Artevelde University College hosting the EAN19 conference
We are very proud that Artevelde University College has decided to host the next conference of the European Access Network.

Widening participation and access to higher education for underrepresented groups is an important challenge for all higher education institutions in Europe and the world.
Artevelde University College has a long tradition in this subject. So we are very glad that we will be able to welcome delegates from all over Europe and the world to talk about practice and policy.
Imran Uddin
Director of education and student policies
(Artevelde University College)


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About EAN

The European Access Network (EAN) encourages wider access to higher education for those who are currently under-represented, whether for reasons of gender, ethnic origin, nationality, age, disability, family background, vocational training, geographic location, or earlier educational disadvantage. The EAN is the only European-wide, non-governmental organisation for widening participation in higher education. Access, equity, diversity and inclusion are its four pillars.

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Artevelde University CollegeArtevelde University College Ghent, member of the Ghent University Association (AU GENT), is one of Flanders' largest university colleges (14,000 students). We offer study programmes in business management, teacher training, communications, graphic education, health care and social work.

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