Drivers for change: policy and practice

The conference that is here to help you lay out new foundations, to inspire you and to bring you best practices from all around the globe.

The EAN conference focuses on policy and practice to improve and widen participation in higher education. The conference wants to encourage better policy making and improve good practice through the sharing of ideas and knowledge and by connecting policy makers, researchers, experts and practitioners.

1. Foundations for policy

In this track, EAN 2019 collects examples of policies and building blocks for policy makers. Things that come to mind are institutional or national framework,  policy supportive materials and research on shaping and moulding your organizational structure and culture.

2. Inspiring practices for the future

EAN 2019 offers a floor to good examples from the field. Based on the topic, the conference will group presentations.

3. Policy in practice

Together with other professionals, look at the interaction between practice and policy. What came first in your institution? How was policy shaped or what good practice was based on policy? Presenters are invited to discuss both during their presentation, preferably with attention on how they interact.

At EAN 2019, presenters and attendees share answers to questions like:

  • What do you build policy on?
  • What materials are relevant?
  • Which research has been done to support policy building?
  • What evidence do you use to support your policy on widening access?
  • How do you evaluate your policy?
  • How do you track and trace students from underrepresented groups?
  • How do you move from (big) data to effective interventions?
  • How can you build an inclusive network at your institution?
  • How do you involve colleagues and management?
  • What can you do to reach underrepresented groups before the start in higher education?
  • What initiatives are taken to reduce academic skills lag?
  • How do lecturers teach accessibly?
  • How do you enhance intercultural understanding, civic engagement and ethical awareness, as well as ensuring equitable access to higher education?
  • How do you increase the social integration of your students?
  • Is your education flexible enough to allow students’ work/life/study-balance?
  • How do you support eg. refugees, students with disabilities…?
  • How far should this support go?
  • How do you keep the balance between support for underrepresented groups and Universal Design?
  • How to achieve wider inclusion in international higher education activities?
  • How can we make policy that doesn’t focus on deficiency?

Call for papers - closed

The 28th annual EAN Conference welcomes abstracts on this year’s conference theme “Drivers for change: policy and practice. The conference wants to encourage better policy making and improve good practice to improve and widen participation in higher education through the sharing of ideas and knowledge. Practitioners, policy makers, researchers and experts are invited to submit proposals.

The conference allows for 4 formats:

  1. Workshop in which you actively engage with your audience in a design workshop, round-table discussion, social challenge or other form (80 minutes).
  2. Paper or project (good practice) presentation. We offer two types of time slots: 20 minutes and 40 minutes, each followed by some time for questions. 
  3. Quicksheet of maximum 2 pages will be used in speeddates with other holders of a quicksheet on a similar topic.
  4. Posters will be worked with interactively in a show-and-tell session. You introduce your poster in 4 minutes, then people go round for more information.

Deadline for submission was May 15, 2019.