This stage is the crown on all the work you did so far. Make sure you have enough time for this stage (and the repetition), otherwise all your other work has been in vain!

Memorising is systematically ‘learning by heart’ of certain learning contents. We prefer the term ‘memorising’ as it concerns a structure you personally created and that made you gain an understanding of the course. Memorising is also required to answer questions that test understanding and multiple choice exams.

Some tips:

  • Use your structure to start from the entire content and then return to the details.

  • Study in short time blocks, e.g. 50’ – 10’ break – 50’ – 10’ break – 50’ - 60’ break etc.

  • Test yourself! Check the correctness of your answers. A useful computer program to test yourself is Anki. Enter your questions and answers yourself and learn through staggered repetition.

  • Recount the learning content aloud to yourself (in front of a mirror), a friend, your mother ... and remember, the more active you are, the better!

  • Create memory aids for the learning contents you cannot remember. Use words (Roy G. Biv), sentences (Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally) or images (e.g. visualising a person with characteristics of ADHD).

  • Do you take a course which offers mainly digital learning materials?
    Then check our digital learning study tips!

All done? Don’t Forget to Repeat!