Artevelde University College Ghent, member of the Ghent University Association (AU GENT), is one of Flanders' largest university colleges (13,000 students). We offer study programmes in business management, teacher training, communications, graphic education, health care and social work. 
Artevelde University College is promotor of the ESF projects Wanda, ESF Ambassadors 2013 and When Wanda meets Issa.

ISSA, the International Step by Step Association is a network that connects professionals and non-profit organisations working in the field of early childhood development. Established in the Netherlands in 1999, ISSA’s community today stretches across the globe with members in 50 countries, primarily Europe and Central Asia.

ISSA also participated in the ESF project 'When Wanda meets Issa'.

VBJK is also partner in the ESF projects Wanda, ESF ambassador 2013 and When Wanda meets ISSA.

The European Social fund (ESF) promotes Flemish organisations to strengthen the labor market and increase employment. The Fund helps people retrain for new jobs or assists them in finding a first job. Companies get help with the reconciliation of the work/life balance of employees and the structure of the labor organisation. Socially vulnerable groups such as low-skilled persons, immigrants or people with a disability are involved. In addition, the ESF Agency encourages organisations to innovate and to work transnational.