Wanda tailor made training

We can offer a tailor made training for your organisation or institution. For now these trainings are only organised in Belgium.

Each practice is different, every organisation is different. A tailor made training supports you in implementing the appreciative practice analysis in your organisation, educational institution or network.

Together we set up a plan of objectives and needs taking into account the unique context of your organisation or network.

During the exploratory phase we check if the conditions that encourage critical reflection and growth in your organisation exist. After this research we see how the process of implementation of the appreciative practice analysis can be supported.

There are various options within a tailor made training:

  • supporting the introduction of the appreciative practice analysis;
  • a start to Wanda-training for your team;
  • coaching of the facilitator(s);
  • organising a supervision session;
  • a Wanda session in which a Wanda expert takes the role of facilitator

As soon as tailor made trainings are possible in English language we will publish all information (practical organisation, prices, ..) on this website.