Wanda is a method to examine your practice in a group setting

The acronym WANDA literally stands in Dutch for Appreciate [Waarderen], ANalyse and Deeds [DAden]. Through this reflection, practices can change.

The focus of Wanda is on encouraging mutual learning, group reflection and connecting different perspectives on situations in practice. Doing this you come up, as a group, with fascinating questions and possible interpretations and new insights will be created. By working this way in a process-based manner, you can bring about change in individuals and organizations.

What and how?

  • Phase 1: looking back
  • Phase 2: choosing a case
  • Phase 3: asking questions
  • Phase 4: collecting perspectives
  • Phase 5: giving various kinds of advice

Check the Tedtalk and presentation if you need more information about the different phases of a Wanda-session (see below).

Appreciative approach?

The analysis of practices starts from an appreciative attitude. We take into account each participant and all those involved in the case. In each case we look through the eyes of children, parents, colleagues, trainees and have respect and appreciation for their identity and their vision

Watch the presentation 'Wanda in practice':


Wanda Ted Talk 1

Movie launch of Wanda - september 2012

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Wanda Ted Talk 2